Their Fifteen Minutes-Biographical Sketches of the Lindbergh Case by Mark W. Falzini

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In 1927, young airmail pilot Charles A. Lindbergh wowed the world by being the first to fly nonstop from New York to Paris. His daring accomplishment won him not only the $25,000 prize, but worldwide recognition. It also cost him his privacy that lasted a lifetime. In 1932, the son of Charles and Anne Lindbergh was kidnapped and later found dead-a crime that shocked America and the world. Bruno Hauptmann was tried, convicted, and executed for his role in the little boy's death. Their Fifteen Minutes is a unique collection of biographical essays filling in the blanks and providing background regarding the key figures involved in the case, such as: Henry "Red" Johnson, the first "prime suspect" • Hans Kloppenburg, Hauptmann's best friend • Jafsie, also known as Dr. John F. Condon, who served as the intermediary between the kidnappers and the family &• Betty Gow, a servant employed by the Lindberghs Until now, the lives of those touched by this case have gone virtually unrecorded.

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